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Body Spa Therapies


In this session, Heather combines deeply restorative treatment options such as essential oils, heating packs, hot stones, and warm towels to help you slip into a state of mental bliss. May address muscular tension with light/ medium pressure, improve circulation, reduce stress and anxiety, improve flexibility.

Deep Tissue

               Heather is a moderate pressure deep tissue therapist, perfect for clients who like to reduce muscular tension while still enjoying some relaxation. These sessions may include hot stones, heating pack, stretching, trigger point therapy, myofascial, cupping or other needed techniques for the perfect blend for your needs.

Pregnancy Massage

               Heather has been a Certified Pre Natal Massage Therapist since 2013 and loves working with mothers to help them find the comfort and relief they seek on this journey. We may utilize side lying positions with pillows or the face down system depending on your needs and far along you are in the pregnancy.

Hot Stone

               Using warmed Basalt Stones or Himalayan Salt Stones to enhance any other massage session. This treatment provides soothing heat to melt muscle tension.

Luminescence Face Lifting Massage

               The perfect session for someone who loves massages and facials. This session includes neck/ shoulder/ arm/ feet/ face massage, gua sha techniques, acupressure, manual lymphatic drainage and aromatherapy to relieve sinus pressure, reduce headache pains, and melt upper body tension while leaving skin glowing. May also include an extra 30 Minute back massage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

               MLD is a feather light touch massage meant to improve stagnant circulation and improve lymphatic flow. This session starts with a dry brush and aromatic scalp massage and all light massage movements assist the body in its natural lymphatic movements.  

Thai Massage on the Floor

               Often called “Lazy Man’s Yoga, “Thai massage is traditionally done with the client wearing athletic wear clothing and relaxing on a soft Thai Mat on the floor. Heather will then assist you through a variety of relaxed yoga positions while using compression, acupressure, and massage techniques to leave you feeling lengthened and flexible.

Abdominal Therapy

               Traditionally taught by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Abdominal Therapy gently supports the digestive and abdominal organs to improve circulation and positioning. This is a gentle massage focusing on the back and abdomen and includes take home support.

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